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In today’s digital age, data theft and internet security breaches are increasing day by day. Website owners must  prioritize the security of their users’ information. An important part of securing your site and your visitors is to get an SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

SSL certificates help establish a secure connection with website visitors. Ssl enables websites to use https, which is more secure than http.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL helps to create an encrypted link between a web browser and web server. Its security protocol helps to create a well secured connection to visitors. Companies add ssl certificates to their websites to secure online transactions and the customer information.

How to Get an SSL Certificate

How to get an ssl certificate ?

Step 1: Determine which kind of ssl certificate do you need 

Step 2: Choose a certificate authority


    Let’s encrypt: 

How to get an ssl certificate

Step 3 :Create account on cloudflare

Step 4 : Add a site

cloudflare securing website

Step 5: Enter the domain and click continue

how to secure website with ssl

Step 6 – Select free plan

free ssl certificate easy method
free ssl plan

After selecting pricing options cloudflare scan the dns records and show it.

Click continue and then a new page will appear that includes a new nameservers. The nameservers were protected by Cloudflare.

how to secure website ?

Copy the nameservers and paste them into the domain registry


Investing in an ssl certificate is very essential for any website owner. Ssl provides essential protection for your site. Also it helps to create trust with your visitors , enhances your SEO efforts , and ensures Data protection regulations. By prioritizing SSL , you’re securing your website’s data integrity and contributing to a safer internet for everyone.

Secure your website with SSL Certificate and experience the benefits of trusted,encrypted and high ranking online presence

TIP –  Select the best hosting plan to get better protection . Many of the hosting servers are giving   SSL certificates for free with let’s encrypt . Choose right hosting partner 

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